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Welcome to Issue 2 where author Brad Smith visits the Hiram Walker distillery on the Detroit River and finds the stamp of Don Livermore on virtually every drop of whisky, and we learn all about Peter Mulryan’s plans to shake up the world of Irish whiskey as he goes from writer to stillman. Angus MacRaild reports from a barn on the idyllic west coast of Sweden to give us a Scot’s perspective on Smögen, the next cult whisky most will never get to taste, and a serious challenger to the best of Scotch whisky. Ian Hart of Sacred Spirits makes gin in his dining room and we find out how this accidentally became an international spirits business, while Wayne Curtis explains how an American named Ted Breaux has single-handedly revived abinsthe, a long-banned spirit that was the toast of Paris circa 1900. And we invite you on a journey that spans both France and Spain exploring the mystery, methods and monks behind Chartreuse, one of the drinks world’s most sought-after collectibles.

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