2016 Disclosure Statement

In keeping with Distilled’s mandate of promoting and maintaining an independent and transparent standard of drinks journalism, please find below full disclosure on all considerations received during the research of features published in 2016.

Domaine Boingnères In November 2015 Distilled enjoyed the hospitality of Madame Lafitte alongside local Madiran wine, the domaine’s armagnac, and a dinner of duck confit that was served during a late night session of distillation.

Smögen In August 2016 Pär Caldenby graciously provided one night’s accommodation on a cot at the distillery, along with a hearty lunch of local cheese, homemade bread and a delicious seafood chowder courtesy of the fantastic Hummerkrogen; a visit to Hunnebostrand without a stop here would truly be a shame.

Hiram Walker Don Livermore thoughtfully arranged a healthy lunch of pita wraps and salad at the visitor centre during Distilled’s visit in July 2016.

Chartreuse Diffusion At the end of a fact finding mission in September 2016 the distillery gifted Distilled with a bottle of their MOF 2016 Cuvée Sommeliers. This was so enjoyed that another two were purchased at Distilled’s expense upon return to Canada, and reviewed as part of the final article.