Distilled. Issue 7

Distilled. Issue 7


Sustainability, literature, history: Issue 7 looks at best practices in mezcal, and taxonomy in spirits with a deep dive into genever. We chart the past and present of bitters, muse on the Old World revival of rye, and we get bogged down in peat. For dessert we indulge in word and drink courtesy of Hemingway’s lost diaries.

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+ Table of Contents

Tasted | New finds and old favourites

Shaken + Stirred | Ramos Fizz

Mezcal [Caveat Emptor] | Asking some tough questions as we map the course of the maguey from ground to glass

This is Not a Ryevolution | A look at the rollercoaster ride that is giving birth to Old World rye whisky

For Bitter or for Worse | Charting the rise, fall and revival of cocktail bitters; home bartending guide included

Dutch Courage | A detour through taxonomy to demystify the Old World’s most misunderstood spirit

Peat, Smoke and Spirit | A walk on the wild side exploring the anicent and primeval landforms that give birth to peat.

Drinking Hemingway | From absinthe in Paris, to Daiquiris in Cuba: novelist Brad Smith recreates Papa’s lost diaries

Two to Tango | Our take on Argentina’s bittersweet love affair with Italy’s most notorious amaro

The Last Word | Speyside

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